Winter Tires in Nelson: The Ultimate Guide for Getting Your Vehicle’s Boots Ready

By: Nelson Toyota   |   25 Sep 2018

Yes, back to school did just happen. Yes, that sadly means that we’re headed into winter. No, that doesn’t mean it has to be painful. Here at Nelson Toyota, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find, install, and drive your vehicle with the right set of winter tires. This way, you’ll know that you’re driving your family safely from ski hill to tobogganing adventures, without any need to fret. Here’s what you need to know about winter tires this upcoming winter season.

Do I Need Winter Tires in BC?

The answer is almost always, yes. Here in our beloved province, having winter tires is a legal requirement to travel on many major highways and mountain passes. Chances are, if you’re driving from Nelson to almost any other city or between major destinations, you’ll be crossing one of these highways.


When we say winter tires, that’s exactly what the regulations are looking for. You’ll need snowflake-rated winter tires or M+S tires. You can find a full list of details on the province’s website here; some areas of the province are exempt (but we say that it’s better safe than sorry) based on the climate. These rules apply from October 31 through to March 31.

service technician with winter tire

What Tires do I Need?

When you shop with Nelson Toyota, our tire experts will help you find exactly the right tires for your vehicle. Whether you drive a Toyota or a vehicle from another manufacturer, our technicians are able to help you select applicable tires to fit your vehicle, then help you install, rotate, and balance them. Visit our tire centre to learn more and book your appointment today.

When Do I Need Winter Tires in Nelson?

There’s no specific day when winter truly hits. The laws regarding winter tires (as mentioned above) come into effect each October 31. With that being said, the statistics show a need for winter tires once the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius. This is because the change in temperature prompts changes in your air pressure and the way that the rubber makes contact with the road (or with snow, sleet, and ice).


Usually, people don’t come to terms with the simple fact that they need winter tires until it’s too late. Don’t’ get behind the eight ball, be prepared and book your appointment ahead of time. This way, you’ll have the first pick of convenient appointment times and you’ll avoid fines, lines, and slipping and sliding on winter treks.


Ready to find your winter tires before the rush? Book your service appointment today and we’ll make sure that you’re ready for whatever the season throws at you.

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