Service Department Specials

Looking for an incredible deal on car repairs and maintenance in Nelson, BC and the Kootenays? Check out our latest auto repair and service department specials below.

combustion efi system cleaner

Combustion & EFI System Cleaner Service


•  A two-step 360-degree fuel system cleaning process performed by Certified Toyota Technicians

•  Improves fuel economy and performance by cleaning buildup & deposits

•  Cleans and eliminates contaminants and deposits in the combustion chambers and on intake + exhaust valves


engine oil system cleaning

Engine Oil System Cleaning Service


• Eliminate oil sludge, carbon deposits, and varnishes

• Protects engine components and helps improve lubrication system

• Restores engine compression


ac cleaning service

A/C Refresher Service


•  Inspection of the full A/C system

•  Change of your filters if needed

•  Additional diagnostic information is provided to determine appropriate repairs needed


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