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At Toyota, we know that staying informed has become a major part of everyday life. With new 2020 Toyota models, you can be a part of the conversation even during travel -- and you can do it safely! Connected Services by Toyota delivers the latest in infotainment technology and lets drivers have access to all kinds of information from the convenience of their dashboard touchscreen or mobile device. Learn how Toyota can make your drive easier -- and more enjoyable!

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The Latest Features

What can you expect from Connected Services? For starters, the infotainment centre comes loaded with useful apps that keep you up to date with traffic situations, weather, gas stations near you and more. Are you Team iPhone or Team Android? New Toyotas offer both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning your entire phone is now accessible via your dash just from one, simple plug into a USB port. Our new lineup also features Amazon Alexa compatibility for even more ways to go hands-free.

Experience the ultimate luxury by having access to your own personal assistant with Destination Assist Connect, which lets you get in touch with a live agent who’ll help you find the best places in the Kootenays, then upload your navigation system to direct you straight to the location. Or, stay up to date on your Toyota’s maintenance needs with Service Connect -- a feature that sends you vehicle health reports and notifies your device if a dashboard light comes on.

Smart Enough to Keep You Safe

Though Toyota has its own smart safety technology (Toyota Safety Sense), Connected Services also comes with safety extras that protect in big ways. With Service Connect, you can get in touch with our call centre 24/7 in the event that you are in an emergency or stranded on the side of the road. If the vehicle’s airbags go off, the call centre will be automatically dialled in to assess the situation and contact emergency services if needed.

Get Entune on Your Next Toyota

To enjoy all the benefits that Connected Services have to offer, check out our 2020 Toyotas -- the entire lineup features this ground-breaking tech. 

If you’re ready to step into the future of infotainment, contact Nelson Toyota today or book a test drive to experience these new models from behind the wheel. Once you enjoy the comforts of Connected Services, you won’t be going back to plain, old radio any time soon.


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