The 2019 Toyota Tundra Means Business in BC

By: Colin Burke   |   12 Feb 2019
The 2019 Toyota Tundra Means Business

We get it, mountain roads are tough, but the Tundra is tougher! In 2019, Toyota rolled out a whole pile of new features that take the Tundra from work horse to all-around beast. They brought back specific traits that pickup drivers in Nelson and the nearby Kaslo, Balfour, and Lardeau communities depend on, while adding new elements that will quickly become your favorite aspects of your vehicle. Below, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the new Tundra, showing you why no other pickup comes close to Toyota’s biggest work model.

The Truck Solution for Drivers Near Nelson, BC

Options like 4x4 configuration, powerful tow packages, and abundant off-road features make the Tundra an obvious choice for anyone braving West Kootenay winters. While the truck stands up to any job, it also transitions well into town life. With this year’s body upgrades, you’ll find it hard to come by a better looking pickup.


New Models

The main trim changes you’ll find on the 2019 Tundra come in two different packages. For a clean take on the classic Tundra, the SX model delivers by removing much of the exterior badging found on the original. If you’re on the black rim bandwagon, the SX delivers here as well, with 18” wheels that are completely blacked-out. Some upgrades have been made inside the cabin, as well, to give you better comfort with upgraded seats.

But the real changes by far come with the Tundra’s premium TRD Pro package. It’s here that you’ll get the all-new grill and hood air duct, which amps up the truck’s visual appeal drastically. The interior gets a major overhaul as well, with red-stitched leather, a new shift knob, and car mats that are exclusize to the package. Beyond looks, the TRD Pro comes with dual exhaust, better shocks, and forged-aluminum 18” wheels. Toyota majorly delivers with this one, as you’ll notice immediately the first time you meet this truck in person.

How Does it Stack Up?

You may already know that the Tundra is heralded for its superior engineering in the truck world, but you may be surprised to learn how it does when compared solely on power. It’s minimum towing capacity is a good 1400 lbs over the Ford F150, for example, and even in the 4x4 models, the payload is substancially higher at 1440 lbs compared to Ford’s 1200. Another major difference when it comes to sheer power is that 2019 Tundras come standard with a V8 engine, giving drivers 310 horsepower with an option of a 5.7-litre engine that boosts things up to a whopping 380 horses!

"With its strong V8, the Tundra offers legitimate performance. It's quick, and it feels capable of hauling itself through any scenario a real truck user might encounter."
- Edmunds (2018)

The Tundra breaks even further away from the pack due to its safety features including Toyota Safety Sense. This technology works to prevent the truck from getting into head-on collisions or drifting out of lanes and it also makes driving at night far less treacherous. Other tech specs worth noting are the impressive audo system, ranging from a 6.1” display with 6 speakers to a 7” display with 12 speakers in the top models. All Tundras come with back-up cameras and LED daytime lights, improving your visibility on the road.

The Final Word

While Tundras have been proving their strength for almost 20 years, now, we’ve never seen one that looks better than the 2019 TRD Pro. The upgraded front end is something to be envied and the bones of the truck deliver a superior ride through whatever terrain lays ahead of it.

It’s clear that Toyota is dedicated to giving pickup drivers the options they’re seeking, even stacking new models with features that resemble after-market mods that are common finds as of late. Come and experience the 2019 Tundra for yourself today at Nelson Toyota. We would love to get you behind the wheel of this superior truck! Contact us now to find out how.

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