Toyota Tundra Versus Chevy Silverado

By: Nelson Toyota   |   24 Sep 2018
toyota tundra vs. chevrolet silverado

The Tundra is the biggest, toughest truck we sell. You can get more done than you’ve ever imagined, look good doing it, and stay safe the whole time. We often convert domestic truck fans over to the Toyota way of life simply because of our trucks last. Here’s how they compare.

2019 toyota tundra engine


In transparency, both trucks are tough. The thing is, the Tundra is tougher.


When you’re ready to play on the weekend, you’ll find a much higher maximum trailer capacity with the Tundra: you’ll be able to handle 6,500 lbs with the dead weight hitch compared to 5,500 lbs with the Silverado. The Tundra also has a gross vehicle weight rating of 6,900 compared to 6,800. Standard towing capacity on the Toyota Tundra is 9,400lbs compared to 7,500lbs which means that you’ll get more power, even with the base model. You don’t need to pay more just to get more done.


When it comes to power and speed, the 2018 Tundra will get you there faster, as it goes from 0-60 MPH (96 kmph) in 6.0 seconds, which will take you 7.1 seconds in a Silverado. Acceleration saves you time, and time is money. You’ll also be behind 381 horsepower compared to the Silverado’s 355 and an engine displacement of 5,700ccs over 5,300ccs. The difference is real, and it’s in favour of the Toyota Tundra.


Year-after-year, Kelly Blue Book names Toyota as one of the best brands available. For 2018, Toyota was named the best vehicle brand and was noted as having “swept the podium” to take many awards from the competition. The Tundra itself retains an 8.8 consumer rating on KBB, and previous trucks have won multiple retained value awards, proving that they last. There’s a reason that you see so many older Toyota Tundras out there on the roads, and that’s because they’re still working hard each and every day thanks to superior craftsmanship and parts.

toyota safety sense

Warranty and Safety

At Toyota, our rust/corrosion warranty has no limits: that’s right, it’s an unlimited mileage warranty. On the Silverado, you’re capped at 100,000 kms. Your basic vehicle warranty coverage gives you 3 years and 60,000 kms, 5 year and 100,000 kms for the powertrain. We also have great options like 24/7 roadside assistance and a reputable chain of dealerships across Canada that can take care of your warranty repairs.


In a Toyota, you’ll be treated to impressive exclusive features. The Tundra will get you Toyota Safety Sense and Toyota’s EnTune infotainment system. This means Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with full Bluetooth connectivity. It means you’ll get a pre-collision system with radar-based pedestrian detection.


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