The Toyota Tundra: Capable, Valuable, and Full of Technology

By: Nelson Toyota   |   19 Jun 2018
2018 Toyota Tundra

When people want the best car on the road, they buy a Toyota. When drivers want the best truck on or off the road, they buy a Toyota Tundra. We love the Tundra, and so do drivers. Why? They love it because there's a lot to like.


2018 Toyota Tundra towing


The Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4

The TRD Off-Road version of the Tundra might be more famous than the Tundra itself, and the faithful keep coming back for more. An off-road truck built for actual off-roading, the TRD Tundra isn't a few extra stickers on the side of the bed. Fuel tank protector plates, Bilstein shock absorbers, and all-terrain tires are a few of the upgrades that make the TRD the favourite of many off-road enthusiasts.


Toyota Value and Toyota Resale Value

When buying any Toyota, you're getting great value, even directly off of the lot. Having purchased a quality-built and reliable vehicle, Toyotas retain their value better than other brands. If you decide it's time to upgrade to a new car you'll discover for yourself the reputation that value has to drivers and the entire auto industry. In the realm of full-size pickup trucks, the Tundra has an unmatched resale value. Kelley Blue Book has again recognized Toyota for having the best resale value among all automakers, and the Tundra ranks in the top ten for resale values on trucks. The Tundra isn't just a truck; it's an investment.


2018 Toyota Tundra interior


The Tundra has Tech

Toyota Safety Sense P comes standard on every Toyota vehicle, and the Tundra is no different. It's what makes Toyotas the safest cars on the road. The seamless system is made up of four components:

Check  Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection

Check  Lane departure alert

Check  Automatic high beams

Check  Dynamic radar cruise control

Other options include navigation, blind spot monitor, automatic features, and more.

If it's slipping on those frozen Nelson roads that has you worried, the Tundra has you covered. The Auto Limited Slip Differential adjusts for wheel spin in treacherous conditions and redistributes power when wheels lose contact with the surface you're trying to tackle. No slipping and sliding here!

10,000 lbs towing capacity

Towing capacity is something that the Toyota Tundra has. The 5.7L i-Force V8 is the biggest engine Toyota has ever put in a truck. This means that drivers can tow up to 10,000 lbs. That's power that will get you and whatever you’re carrying where you need to go.

Drivers know best, and the reviews are in...

“This is my second Tundra Crewmax I have owned and by far the best family truck on the market.” - By oni_2016, KBB

“Traded my 2010 SR5 DC in only because I saw a 2018 and was intrigued. Went to the dealer and came home with a new truck. The 2018 has the typical attention to detail and perfect fit and finish and the new technology is amazing. This is my third Tundra and I will probably keep buying them. Shopped the Big 3 domestic and there is no comparison. They keep getting better, how do they do it?” - By Tomtun, KBB

Toyota doesn’t build the Tundra to look like a truck. Toyota builds the Tundra to be a truck. The vehicle that people in our community need to get through the snow when the occasion calls and load up the family for a drive into the mountains that surround us. If you need a truck, try a Tundra and join the Toyota family. To book a test drive please contact us.


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