The 2018 Toyota Camry is for Life in Nelson, BC

By: Nelson Toyota   |   11 Apr 2018
White 2018 Toyota Camry driving through BC mountains

When we think of Nelson, we like to think about our hearty downtown core, Big Orange Bridge, and being part of the Kootenays. We like to get excited about being so close to the mountains, and all of the fun things that life in British Columbia consists of. While it’s a big enough choice to find the right kayak or pair of skis, choosing the right car for your family can be even harder. That’s why we’re breaking down the latest Camry as it drives for Nelson.



Is the 2018 Toyota Camry Spacious?

You bet it is! The Camry is the largest car in our lineup and serves as a great family sedan. While many families are moving to SUVs for space, it isn’t always the option that’s easiest on the wallet or the gas pump. For people looking to stay conscious of these things, the Camry is a great car for fitting the whole family and the gear you need for your adventures. Inside, you can fit 5 passengers, and if you’re looking to load up on sports equipment or make a trip to Home Depot, the rear seats fold down for added storage space.

From a specs perspective, the 2018 Camry has 14 cubic liters of cargo space; 15.1 c/L of trunk space. This is the space for cargo beyond your passenger load, and it also includes a cargo net to hold your groceries or soccer balls, and to also prevent items from sliding around in your trunk. In tests by Car and Driver, the 2018 Toyota Camry comes in first for cubby storage, which is the space available for extras between the driver and passenger in the front seats.

How Safe is the Camry?

Safety is an ever-increasing concern in today’s day and age, and Toyota understands that. We’re proud to say that the Camry is the best-equipped sedan out there and it comes loaded with tech features that are second-to-none. Our Toyota-only technology, Toyota Safety Sense, leads the pack in preventing collisions and keeping your precious cargo safe.

“The 2018 Toyota Camry is among the safest cars on the road today.” - John Voelcker, The Car Connection

Having excellent in federal and internal crash test, Toyota vehicles come standard with advanced safety features standard on all models. The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) ranked the 2018 Toyota Camry as its Top Safety Pick+, after achieving the best scores possible across the board. Some of the features that lead to top safety scores include:

Checkmark Backup cameras with backup guidelines and increased field of vision.

Checkmark Intelligent Parking Assist that can park your vehicle almost by itself.

Checkmark Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection prevents collisions with pedestrians and objects.

Checkmark Blind spot monitoring and a tire pressure monitoring system

Checkmark Lane Departure Alert notifies you if you’re stray\ out of your lane or out of your standard driving patterns

Checkmark Automatic High Beam technology keeps your drive illuminated when the circumstances require it.

Checkmark Dynamic Radar Cruise Control allows you to cruise without the stress of getting too close to the vehicle in front of you. Radar sensors adjust your cruising speed in accordance with the vehicle in front of yours while maintaining an appropriate distance.

Beyond tech features, the Camry also houses the Star Safety System that includes:

Checkmark Brake Assist

Checkmark Anti-Lock Braking and Traction Control to keep you safe during slippery snow or raining conditions, which we all know happen often here in Nelson.

Checkmark Smart Stop puts the priority on braking when you need it most.

Checkmark Electronic Brakeforce Distribution prevents passengers (and the driver) from being negatively impacted by the momentum of a sudden stop. It does this by redistributing brake force and keeps your vehicle stable.

Checkmark Vehicle Stability Control that helps you maintain control in wet, snowy, icy, or uneven roads. This helps keep your turns tight and uses sensors to take corrective actions to keep your drive on-course.


Why the Camry is the Best Car for Nelson

As residents of the local area ourselves, we love testing our cars and seeing how they perform during our daily lives. The low height of the trunk makes it easy to load all of your camping gear into the back without breaking a sweat, and we love camping from Kokanee Provincial Park to Nelson City Campground. Once you’re on the road, the vehicle’s 8.7L/100km fuel economy is easy to maintain and even more enjoyable for your wallet. Moving closer to your adventure, comfortable seating will keep your family from fretting along the way; everyone will be too comfortable to throw out “are we there yet?” as in the cars of the past.

As a nook in the landscape of BC, we know that sometimes the best journeys take a little while before you reach your destination. Rest easy knowing that you will get there safely, comfortably, and affordably. If you’re looking for a vehicle that packs all of the most innovative features into a great price — look no further. The new 2018 Camry is a great way to ensure that you’re on the cutting edge of technology without breaking the bank. When comparing the Camry to many SUVs of today, you’re able to get a lot more vehicle for a lot less. While winter is behind us, we know that it can be a worry, and with this vehicle, there is no need. With the appropriate tires, you’ll be safe and secure all year.

Ready to try the Camry for yourself? Book a test drive with a member of our trusted team, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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