Why Toyota Hybrids Make Excellent Off-Road Vehicles

By: Nelson Toyota   |   31 Jan 2023

When it comes to vehicles that offer great off-roading potential, it’s difficult to find an economical gas tank to match. Among the best vehicles for taking the road less travelled are typically trucks and SUVs, which over the years have been praised more for their formidable engines and towing power than their ability to sip less fuel along the way. Thankfully, in recent times more and more auto companies are seeing the importance of a vehicle that can do both. As a leader in hybrid technology, Toyota has delivered a plethora of eco-friendly models that alos happen to offer exceptional off-roading capabilities, particularly within the coveted TRD lineup. In this article, we’ll explore why Toyota hybrids make excellent off-roading vehicles!

Power and Torque

Electric drivetrains provide an instant yet smooth torque delivery. The instant torque helps in tricky-terrain situations where low-end power is needed to clear an obstacle. Take, for example, the Toyota RAV4. The hybrid powertrain of the RAV4 makes 252 lb/ft of torque. Compare that to a RAV4 with the 2.5-litre four-cylinder that makes 184 lb/ft. With all that added torque, you might not need to regear. 


Sports Car Acceleration

Not only does instant torque help off-road, but it also helps on road as well. Off-road vehicles typically suffer from sluggish on-road acceleration. RAV4 Prime makes a combined 302hp and helps it reach 0-60 in 5.4 seconds. Amazingly, that makes it more powerful and faster than the Toyota GR Supra 2.0 and Toyota 86.

Move in Silence

No one likes to show up to the quiet countryside with a loud engine. At low speeds, hybrids can run solely on battery power. So, if you showed up to camp late in a Venza Hybrid, the only sound other campers would hear are the tires crawling over the terrain.

Transferable Power

Another great thing about a hybrid that is useful off-road is that you can turn it into an ultra-efficient generator. Using a PlugOut power tool, hybrids like the Prius or Highlander can allow you to power everything from an arc welder to an electric grill. You can even charge other plug-in electric vehicles.

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